Amal Maher will shoot (Eteqy Rabena Feya)

Posted: 2012-10-27 14:09:15

Amal Maher decided to shoot “Etqi Rabena Feya “ in Egypt instead of Beirut due to the high production cost and to not delay the shooting for the third time , as the director Mohamed Sami was busy in shooting a Ramadan Series.

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Nancy Sings for Girls in Ya Banat

Posted: 2012-06-10 15:21:05

Lebanon's sweetheart Nancy Ajram is getting ready to release her second album for children entitled (Ya Banat Ya Banat) (O'Girls O'Girls).

Nancy revealed the new album will include six songs; lyrics by Nabil Khalaf, music by Walid Saad, distribution by Toma and Osama Al Hindy.

Nancy is also selecting a few songs with director ..

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Nicole Saba is Ahmed El-Saka Honor guest

Posted: 2012-02-15 21:42:41

Nicole Saba the Lebanese actress has agreed to participate Ahmed’s EL- Saka new film (Papa), which is shooting now in order to be shown next summer.
Nicole refused to explain her scene in movies, and said it will be a surprise for audience.
The movie has been written by Zainab Abel Aziz, and directed by Ali Idrees.

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Mariam Fares exceeds Amr Diab in Gulf revenues

Posted: 2012-01-08 15:59:46

Lebanese artist Mariam Fares denied that her new video clip (Al Kasaied) (The Poems) included any obscene moves or hints, stressing that she respects her audience and that she is usually keen on not presenting anything that contradicts with what she believes in.

Mariam Fares has also denied that her latest party held in Kuwait was a fail..

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Mohamed Hamaky wedding on December 7th!

Posted: 2011-10-28 12:50:23

Singing star Mohamed hamaky decided to tie the knot, entering the golden cage of marriage by the end of this year.

The wedding was previously decided for 2011-11-11 but it has been postponed until December 7th when everything related to marriage is ready.

Hamaky had celebrated his engagement to his fiancé Nahla Abdelaziz past ..

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Ramy Sabry recording the new album

Posted: 2011-10-28 12:43:51

Egyptian singer Ramy Sabry is currently recording his new album after settling production problems with director Tareq Al Erian.

Sabry is in race with time to get done with the album that had been delayed so many times due to the turbulent political and security atmosphere that afflicts Egypt and the whole Arab world that lives in revolu..

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The First Arabic 3D Music Video featuring Najwa Karam Mafi Nom

Posted: 2011-10-28 12:33:49

Have you ever seen a Music Video on a 3D TV?
You can visit the nearest Sony Showroom and experience The First Arabic 3D Music Video featuring Najwa Karam “Mafi Nom” produced by Rotana & Sony. Enter a journey to a new world that you will never forget.

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Haifa denies husband participation as model in video clip

Posted: 2011-09-21 16:18:02

Lebanese star Haifa Wahby has denied rumors circulated recently that her husband Businessman, Ahmed Abou Hashima, has participated as a model in her recent video clip yet to be broadcast,(Bahrab Men Eneik) (I escape from Your Eyes).

Haifa said that the idea of her husband showing up with her is impossible because he is already a successf..

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Amal Maher's new album soon in stores

Posted: 2011-09-21 10:53:32

After 5 years of absence, superstar Amal Maher and producer Mohsen Gaber are getting ready for Amal's latest album; 'W A3raf Meneen'. Amal was keen to make something different, so the album's preparations took 3 years.

Amal and producer Mohsen Gaber had chosen 11 songs, lyrics by 'Nader Abd Allah, Ayman Bahgat, Hany Abdel Karim, Mohamed..

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Banadek Ta3ala, Amr Diab new album coming September 2011

Posted: 2011-09-03 00:54:10

Amr Diab has delivered the final master of the new album "Banadeek Ta'ala" to Rotana 2 days ago which should be released by the end of September,

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Asalah reprimands Bashar Al Asad

Posted: 2011-08-28 13:10:54

Syrian singer Asalah Nasri is preparing to record a new song titled (Ah Lao Hal Kursi Bihki) (Only if this chair can speak), which is her special dedication to demonstrators and revolutionaries in Syria, who are calling for the resignation of President Bashar Al Asad and his government.

The song talks about the injustice practiced by Bas..

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Carole Samaha shining at Zahla!

Posted: 2011-08-26 14:45:04

Joseph Te'ma Park thetre in Zahla district in Lebanon has been flooding with so large audience that outnumbered its capacity during a party for the Lebanese star Carol Samaha, leading the theater officials to increase the number of seats to allow for space for the extra audience.

Samaha sang her famous works for an hour and a half, amid ..

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Mounir: I will release my album in Eid Fetr!

Posted: 2011-08-25 12:10:34

Diva singer Mohammed Mounir has returned to Egypt after a visit to his home-city Aswan where he was spending the first days of Ramadan with his family.

Mounir is intending to resume his religious prayers that are currently showed in Ramadan.

Mounir also will work on recording the rest of songs of his first post-revolution albu..

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Ramy Sabry Celebrates marriage

Posted: 2011-08-04 11:26:10

With the attendance of close friends from the artistic context and others, Ramy sabry declared that he gave up the singles' life and joined the ranks of the married guys.

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Hamaky in Hospital after suffering from 3 heart strokes

Posted: 2011-07-10 10:29:52

Music star Mohamed Hamaky has been transferred to the intensive care unit at Cleopatra Hospital in Heliopolis, after he suddenly suffered from 3 heart strokes and needed urgent medical care.

Before he went to hospital, Hamaky had been in the studio preparing for his next album

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Mayriam Fares to release two albums, denies love story rumors

Posted: 2011-01-22 18:22:10

Lebanese singer Myriam Fares is preparing to release two albums, one in the Egyptian Lebanese accent and the other in the Gulf one.

The one in Gulf accent is set to be released first, containing 7 songs varied in their accents ranging from Gulf, Iraqi, to Moroccan- accent songs. From this album, Mayriam has already shot 4 songs as video ..

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Injured thank Diab for hospital visit

Posted: 2010-12-18 18:36:48

The health conditions of those who were injured during recent Amr Diab ceremony in Moustakbal University (Future University) have got better, with most of them leaving the hospitals, including the four who were in the intensive care units.

The injured headed special thanks for Diab who paid them a visit in Mahad Naser Nasser Institute, b..

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Mai Selim celebrates wedding

Posted: 2010-11-25 16:50:32

Singer and actress Mai Selim celebrated her wedding to Egyptian business man Ali Refay in a party held in one of the grand hotels in Cairo.

The party attendance was mostly from the relatives and close friends of the couple.

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Elissa: I hopes to be like Kadhem; Hifaa an artistic mood; Nancy sweetheart

Posted: 2010-11-21 21:11:35

Lebanese superstar Elissa is gearing up for preparing for her new album by holding continuous work sessions with a number of songwriters and composers to pick out the tracks of the album.

Elissa is also working on shooting a video clip of her smashing hit (Tesadda bemeen). She is also scheduled to perform in a party sponsored by a compan..

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Hamaky says not thinking of singing in Gulf accent

Posted: 2010-11-21 21:10:23

Despite it is becoming a popular phenomenal trend among both Egyptian and Arab singers recently, Egyptian superstar Mohamad Hamaky says he doesnt think of singing in the Gulf accent altogether, whether now or in the future.

Hamaky confessed that performing in the gulf accent is very difficult for him, so he doesnt think of such an advent..

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