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If you canآ´t find your question in our faq please contact us using the form to the right. Are your looking for any special videoclip or song, contact us and we will upload it. Your question will be answered as soon as possible.

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I didn't recive any confirm link to activate my account, what can i do?
By click forgot password in the main page, we send you a new confirm mail.
When I download a song, its playing in Windows Media Player/QuickTime, Why?
If you want to save the song you have to right click then select Save Target As.
How to download songs in mp3 format?
Click on the winamp icon to the left in the artistpage.
Why can´t I login?
Did you activate your account by the mail we sent you? Did you forget your password? Send a new one by clicking "Forgot Password" on the box to the left.
How many songs/videos can i download?
It´s unlimited downloading.
I want to buy a banner place on Tarabyons
Contact us below for more information.
How to download a picture in Gallery?
Click on the picture you want to save, then "Right Click and click "Save Target As"
How to download songs?
Just "Right Click" at the song and click "Save Target As"

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